ESN Marmara is a team of volunteer students from Marmara University. We are a group of local students gathered to help exchange students who come to our university. Our first aim is to provide the best conditions for our exchange students and make them feel like in their home country.


We organize different types of events. The semester starts Welcome Week’s events which are for meeting new students and orientation of new students each other. The events are the best chances for intercultural exchange and make new friends for local or exchange students. Trips, parties, chill outs and casual meetings follow the welcome week’s events. 


Our motto is “students helping students” and our slogan is “ESN Marmara çok güzel”.


Every year, we welcome more than 300 exchange students and support them in having the best experience in their lives. Above all these, we help to build a strong friendship between exchange students and volunteer students which lasts forever and the students who got exchange experience with ESN Marmara feel half belong here while they return