Hello guys! 
We are sure that now you know the main attractions in Istanbul by heart! Now it's time to go off the beaten track!
ESN Marmara is back with another one of its unique day trips: Balat Trip 
What are we going to see? :
Sveti Stefan Iron Church
Phanar Greek Orthodox College
Houses of Kiremit Street
Famous stairs of Balat
... a famous soda pop store to drink nostalgic drinks from Istanbul and all around Turkey!
Where & when are we meeting? :
Eminonu-Karakoy pier in Kadikoy at 10.00am
Join us for a trip to this not-so-well-known district of Istanbul and become a true local! 
See you on Friday! 
02/04/2021 - 10:00
Meeting Point: 
Kadıköy/Eminönü Pier