ISE was founded by Hakan Elbir and Kerem Okumus to generate measurable social impact by doing business differently for a more inclusive society and opened the Turkcell Dialogue Museum in December 2013. The museum has three distinct parts: "Dialogue in the Dark", and "Dialogue in Silence", which is an experience in total silence where participants discover a repertoire of nonverbal expressions with the help of deaf and hearing-impaired guides and trainers, where visitors can visit in total darkness.

With the start of Social Impact days, we started our journey to organize events that aim to "leave a mark" on society and our Erasmus students. 

With this aim, we are organizing an event at Turkcell Dialogue Museum!

We will visit Dialogue in the Dark and Dialogue in the Silence museums to create awareness about visually disabled and hearing-disabled people.
These museums are kind of a simulation that makes you experience the daily lives of disabled people and try to use your other senses. You can feel the wind on your face in a completely dark place without seeing or trying to communicate without hearing.

Join us on November 7th, at 14:30.

07/11/2022 - 14:30