Hello fam!!

How about to revive the Christmas soul as ESN Marmara family?

We are running Secret Santa gift exchange which is a disposal between Erasmus students and ESN Marmara members gifting eachother anonymously.

--> First of all, you must FILL THE FORM in our WhatsApp group with your name, surname, and e-mail

--> This app will choose a person anonymously for you and notify you by e-mail

--> Buy a gift or do it by yourself. We're setting the MAXIMUM of the BUDGET in 60 TL (10€)
It is not over yet! We also having an International Dinner. Show up with your traditional dish from your own country and then let the feast begin!!

Let's meet all together before the Fall Term ends! 

11/12/2019 - 20:00
Aylak Pub / Kadıköy