Hello everyone! 
Last week was the beginning of Social Impact Days! Here are photos from the events that took place.
If you missed these events, don't worry, Social Impact Days continue. We organized more events for great causes! Follow the event calendar!

7th November- Dialogue Museum

At the beginning of Social Impact Days, we visited two museums; Dialogue in the Dark and Dialogue in the Silence museums to experience the lives of visually disabled and hearing disabled people. We tried to walk around without any sight and communicate without hearing.

9th November- Animal Shelter Visit

As many of you know there are many stray animals in Istanbul. On Social Impact Days, we didn't forget our little friends. We visited Yedikule Animal Shelter; donated animal food, petted and played with lots of dogs and fed them. It was a wonderful experience for them and for us.

11th November- Erasmus in Schools

Erasmus in Schools is a project which aims to introduce Erasmus+ and ESN to high school students. Therefore, we went to a local high school with our Erasmus students to share our different Erasmus experiences. We answered students' questions about ESN and Erasmus exchange process. They had a great time and we even played basketball with high school students!

07/11/2022 - 10:00 to 13/11/2022 - 10:00