Belgrad Forest

It’s history based on the conquest of Belgrad in 1521. After Fatih Sultan Mehmet who sultan of Ottoman Empire conquered Belgrad, he brought Belgrad’s local people to the villages in Istanbul. These villages are the parts of Belgrad Forest. 

It is really huge place with the hectares of 5.500. It houses many species of plants and animals. Also, this forest has many barbeque, picnic, hiking areas and it has nature parks. That’s why it is so famous and crowded for all seasons. In every season, it has spesific charms.

It has a few places that serve food. However, to be comfortable it is better to bring some snacks with you, or bring some raw food and cook in barbeque areas.

It’s location a bit far from regular settlements. Belgrad Forest is in Sarıyer (from Kadıköy ~2h, Beşiktaş ~1.20h).

06/11/2022 - 10:30