Are you ready for your Erasmus life in Istanbul? A new country, a new life, new friends...
It will be definitely the most unforgettable part of your life! We will start our orientation week with our traditional event, Breakfast!

Have you ever had Turkish breakfast?

Those of you who have visited Turkey before or have close Turkish friends or family members, probably have had a taste of what Turkish breakfast entails. Breakfast in Turkey is not only about food, but also about family time and gathering. As ESN Marmara we would like to meet you all in a yummy way.

Let's start with Breakfast and take the first step to become a family.

  • When?: 10:00
  • Where?: Piraye Cafe
  • Price is 60 TL (Mixed Breakfast & Unlimited Tea)
14/02/2022 - 10:00 to 14:30
60 TL
What's included: 
  • Mixed Breakfast & Unlimited Tea
  • Everyone is invited.