Hello to you and our fluffy friends! 
As you may have noticed, Istanbul hosts various street animals. It is famous for its street cats and we sure love them from the bottom of our hearts! However, as an exchange student, it is sometimes difficult to know how to react to a kitten on the street. You may have questions like 'Does it need help?' 'If yes, how can I help it?'. To gain more knowledge on how to act when you see a street animal, we invite you to our webinar that we collaborated with MÜHAK, which is our university’s club dealing with animals in need and animal rights. The online webinar will take place on the 22th of December at 20.00. To register for the webinar, please fill the registration form given so that you can get the details about the platform that we will be using.
See you there!
22/12/2020 - 20:00
  • Everyone is invited.